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Registered with the FCA, CBI and CSSF across the UK, Ireland & Luxembourg.

Owned and underpinned by 170 years of institutional custody expertise

Custody, the way
it should be.

Regulatory compliant

  • In UK, Ireland & Luxembourg
  • Fully segregated wallets in line with CASS principles
  • Wallets have Insolvency remote trust structure
  • FATF travel rule compliant

Security and governance

  • Bank-grade compliance & governance framework
  • Cold storage with 24x7 real-time availability
  • Zero central points of compromise
  • SOC 1 and ISO 27001

Ecosystem assurance

  • Rigorous Coin Assessments & Provenance
  • Exchange due diligence
  • Ecosystem connectivity through Zodia Connect

Agile and comprehensive

  • 24/7 instant settlements
  • Coverage of > 80% of coin market cap
  • Innovative capabilities: liquidity pool access, staking, yield generation

Our services

However the needs of digital asset custody evolve, and however fast,
the solutions we provide are institution-ready.

Zodia Custody brings together unparalleled global custody expertise and leading technological innovation
within a framework of oversight and governance. It ensures everything we do is robust, safe and freed from complexity.

So your digital assets will always be safe, traceable, investable and tradeable.

Zodia Custody

Keeping your digital assets institution-grade safe

Registered in the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg, and underpinned by 160 years of institutional custody expertise, we ensure custody of your digital assets is compromise-free.

Rules-based, regulatory compliant, and entirely familiar to the way our clients want to work.

Zodia Interchange

Bank-grade protection and control of assets throughout the trading cycle

Through fully segregated wallets, our off-exchange solution protects your assets from exposure or risk while you trade across multiple venues and exchanges, 24/7 in near-real time, and only releases them at settlement according to the rules you set.

Zodia Staking

Maximise untapped yield securely with the first institution-grade staking services

Take full advantage of the ultimate institutional Ethereum Staking Solution. A reliable, secure, and compliant solution to participate in staking activities. We adhere to the strictest security standards, including world-class crypto key management, slashing insurance and much more.

Zodia Protect

Your digital assets are always yours, at rest or in motion

Registered with multiple regulatory bodies, certified and insured, our air-gapped cold storage security model is designed to maintain availability of your digital assets. 

With anti-money laundering checks, asset quarantine and wallet address pre-screening, the integrity of your wallets and transfers is always ensured.

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Zodia Custody to enter Hong Kong market

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Zodia Custody launches SAF3 in Australia!

Zodia Custody launches SAF3 in Australia!

SAF3 is the simplest, safest, and most secure real-time digital asset custody platform in Australia, designed for institutions. SAF3 has been built by institutions for institutions, and will be launched

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