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The evolution of risk management within digital assets 

The evolution of risk management within digital assets 

Risk management probably doesn’t come up first on the list of things people consider when thinking about digital assets. But it does for us: as the only bank-owned, FCA-registered custodian we are leading the way in harnessing how risk management principles can be leveraged from traditional finance and in fact, turbo charged within the digital asset ecosystem. 

As a digital asset custodian, Zodia Custody provides the critical plumbing of the digital asset ecosystem and by leveraging core partnerships and co-creating industry-leading security measures, we want to enable our clients to effectively manage their digital asset portfolio risks. That is why we are focused on curated Risk Management services, from fraud detection, cyber security, blockchain risk analytics, monitoring, insurance and more. 

For now, we’re proud to unveil a pioneering partnership with CUBE3.AI, a web3 security platform that provides real-time transaction protection for blockchains, safeguarding against cyber exploits, fraud, and compliance risks, by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to inspect, monitor, and block security risks. 

As an immutable ledger of all activities, blockchains offer integrity and traceability. This makes auditing simpler, and lowers the risk of fraud. Blockchains’ transparency offers a level playing field for data while providing real-time visibility to identify inefficiencies or failures; but auditing and monitoring alone isn’t enough, and this is where the power of both blockchain and machine learning must be truly leveraged. This is why we are not just harnessing them, but are ahead of the curve in finding new ways to create value through our partnership with CUBE3.

Predictive risk 

It sounds like sci-fi, but our partnership with CUBE3 offers clients the prediction capabilities to foresee if your wallet address or smart contract could be attacked — with razor sharp precision through the use of AI and machine learning. 

This is a game-changer and can fundamentally shift how we manage risk. This is why we are currently working on a proof-of-concept to bring this capability to market. It’s an incredibly exciting project that exemplifies our dedication to not only harnessing blockchain but also creating more innovative value.

The critical role of custodians

While blockchains provide the technology and data to mitigate risk, it still needs to be actively managed. That’s where we come in. Our role is to enhance your confidence that your assets are safe with us, and that we can effectively mitigate any risks. As a mature ecosystem player with a bank-backed heritage, risk management at the core of everything we do. So we aren’t just prepared for the challenges or threats to your asset safety — we’re built to withstand them. 

Gateway to the future

Earlier this year, we launched Zodia Custody Gateway, a marketplace for curated services, connecting the best services and platforms the digital asset ecosystem has to offer. A one-stop shop.

We are taking this principle and applying it to risk management. We are working on multiple proof of concepts to build a platform where clients are able to see all their holdings with us, how safe these are, potential returns, and information on their centralisation risks.  The aim of this work is not just to consolidate risk management into a one-stop shop, but also to maximise your risk-reward return.

This will be transformative, and we want you to join us on this journey of innovation. If you’re interested in taking part, let’s start with a conversation about the future of risk. Contact us here.

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