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Zodia Custody launches Gateway, a marketplace for curated services

Gateway offers a curated, marketplace-like experience to help institutions discover select, vetted partners and services. As the most connected custodian, Zodia Custody is able to connect institutional clients to the most diverse ecosystem of products and services all with the benefit of seamless integration.

The marketplace will help reduce the time and effort it takes for clients to select trusted providers and functionality. In this vein, onboarding is simplified with clients being able to access the additional services from their existing Zodia Custody wallets. 

Zodia Custody Gateway is built to be an evolving marketplace of products and services, providing financial institutions a growing array of partners to increase connectivity to the digital asset space from a single source. Through Gateway, the digital asset custodian aims to bring an “app store” style experience to selecting products and services. From its launch, clients will be able to access Yield, Staking, and Prime services, with more to be announced in due course.

Twinstake, the institutional-grade and non-custodial staking provider, will be one of the partners providing services through Gateway from its launch. Andrew Gibb, COO and CFO at Twinstake said: “As a launch partner of Gateway, Twinstake is excited to bring staking services to Zodia Custody’s new and existing institutional clients, setting a benchmark for excellence and forward-thinking in the digital asset sector.”

Other partners providing services on Gateway at launch will include Blockdaemon, Hidden Road and OpenEden, with more in the pipeline. 

“No one can do it alone in digital assets. To get the most out of the opportunities in the market, financial institutions need the whole ecosystem at their disposal. And that’s what Zodia Custody Gateway is built for – to deliver the very best our industry has to offer from a single, seamless source.” said Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody. “Through curated platforms like Gateway and our recently launched Interchange Connect network, we are connecting the digital asset industry piece by piece, and making it more accessible than ever for financial institutions.”

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