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Zodia Custody named as the first technical host of the Stellar Disbursement Platform

Zodia Custody and Stellar Partnership announcement.

The work will see Zodia Custody enable access to the Stellar Disbursement Platform,  creating capabilities to allow organisations to securely send bulk payments for various use cases, including for humanitarian aid, cash assistance programs, cross border payroll, and more.

The  collaboration will provide greater cost effectiveness when compared to traditional fiat rails, and ensure greater speed and security for payments, reinforced  via Zodia’s  bank-level infrastructure. This means that charitable organisations can accept digital asset donations on a larger scale, and then seamlessly disburse the value to many recipients around the world.

“Digital assets, blockchain and other web3 technologies have great power to transform the world as we know it. Being from Zimbabwe, I’ve seen first hand how digital assets can be used as a force for immense social good, as well,” said Anoosh Arevshatian, Chief Risk Officer at Zodia Custody.

“Our collaboration with the Stellar Disbursement Platform is a fantastic example of how blockchain technology can be leveraged to create a fairer financial system for many today. This is vital work: creating a more accessible system so anyone—regardless of where they were born or where they live—can participate in a global, more equitable financial network.”

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