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The institution-first digital asset custodian

Zodia Custody is exceptional because we see the world as our clients do.
Owned by Standard Chartered, Northern Trust and SBI – Zodia Custody has a unique ability to provide the digital asset custody that enables global institutions, corporations, and professional investors to embrace the digital asset future without compromising on security, standards and principles that have existed for decades.

Based in London and registered in the UK with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in Ireland with Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) and in Luxembourg with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Zodia Custody brings together unparalleled Tier 1 insight, global custody expertise and leading-edge technological innovation, to providing client-focused digital asset custody within a secure framework of oversight and governance.

Custody designed around you

Our institution-first approach makes us uniquely ‘fit-for-purpose’, as the digital asset partner for the traditional financial industry and the most demanding digital market pioneers.

Banks & corporations

We safeguard your assets without compromise and provide a bank-grade compliance and governance framework, while offering other digital asset capabilities.

Financial institutions

We secure your clients’ assets, protect against theft and fraud by multiple lines of defence with risk diversification and market connectivity.

Mature crypto investors

We ensure your assets are unlosable, unhackable, recoverable and insured with 24x7 real-time availability.

We make the unfamiliar, familiar.

Wherever our clients are on their digital asset journey, we ensure the services and solutions we provide are born institution-ready. More familiar to the way our clients work, more robust, more compliant, and freed from complexity.

So digital assets are simpler, safer and quicker to manage, empowering our clients to step into new markets and reap the rewards of the digital asset future, with the assurance only familiarity can bring.

The Team

Julian Sawyer

Chief Executive Officer

Anoosh Arevshatian

Chief Risk Officer

Sophie Bowler

Chief Compliance Officer

James Harris

Chief Commercial Officer

Kate Cooper

CEO Australia & Head of APAC

Richard Clark

Chief Revenue Officer

Laura Drake

Chief People Officer

Jonathan Hugh

Chief Financial Officer

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