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Zodia Custody

Keeping your digital assets institution-grade safe

Designed for institutions and corporate investors, Zodia Custody is the leading provider of institution-first digital asset custody. We provide client-focused innovation with leading-edge technology, applied within the framework of compliance and governance our that clients demand.

Registered in the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg, our institution-first service ensures custody of your digital assets is safe, simple, and compromise-free. With fully segregated wallets, customisable rules-based settlements, institution-grade oversight and 24/7 access, safekeeping or trading digital assets is entirely familiar to the way you work.

  • Cryptographically guaranteed Proof-of-Ownership and Proof-of-Management of each wallet
  • End-to-end security
  • Self-administration of Maker/Checker workflows
  • Fully segregated wallets
  • Tier 1 bank grade onboarding standards
  • Fully compliant asset safekeeping
  • Coverage of > 80% of coin market cap
  • Wallet opening, technology management and maintenance

Zodia Interchange

Complete bank-grade protection
of assets throughout the trading cycle

Zodia Custody’s Interchange service enables you to trade with your assets directly from a fully segregated institution-grade trading wallet, so they remain your property, completely isolated and protected until trade settlement.

Interchange enables participating venues to establish limits based on your assets mirrored on a wallet held by Zodia Custody, thereby eliminating the need to pre-fund venues or exchanges and to allocate assets across multiple venues instantly, safely and simply, without delay or exposure.

In addition, Interchange ensures trading and settlement are seamless, according to rules set by you. Assets are transferred on receipt of a qualified instruction, 24/7 – digitally signed with full audit trails, coupled with legal enforceability and dispute resolution management.

  • Off-exchange settlement model with customized wallet delegation control
  • Institution-grade isolation and protection of assets
  • Fully segregated trading wallets
  • Trading capability across multiple exchanges and venues without pre-funding
  • Venue / exchange due-diligence​

Zodia Staking

Maximise untapped yield securely with the first institution-grade staking service

Institutional investors are looking for a reliable, secure and credible partner to participate in staking activities. Zodia Custody’s staking service enables clients to seamlessly stake their assets by combining the assurance that comes with Zodia’s custody offering with a high level of operational ease.

Staking entails the delegation of assets to a validator node and collecting rewards for supporting decentralised activity.

Zodia Custody’s staking offering enables:

  • Secure participation in staking activity from custody wallet
  • Resilient technical infrastructure to support staking activity (24*7 infrastructure availability)
  • Detailed reporting on staked assets and rewards
  • Automatic reward management and re-deployment of assets to staking
  • Slashing insurance protection

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Zodia Protect

Your digital assets are always yours, at rest or in motion.

Registered with multiple regulatory bodies, certified and insured, our air-gapped cold storage security model is designed to maintain 24/7 availability of your digital assets while removing them from threat, exposure to unnecessary risk or potential loss. With anti-money laundering checks, asset quarantine and wallet address pre-screening, the integrity of your wallets and transfers is always ensured.

  • Cold storage security utilizing air gapped,
    military grade HSM technology
  • Segregated client wallets aligning to UK
    Client Asset Segregation Principles
  • Automated fraud detection and monitoring
    on a transaction level basis
  • Bare trust structure and robust governance over resolution management – your assets are always yours even
    in the event of Zodia Custody’s insolvency
  • Insurance coverage, including specific cyber insurance policy
  • Initial and on-going monitoring of both crypto assets
    and trading venues / exchanges
  • Independent Ethical Hacking and Private Bug Bounty Programme
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