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Don’t put your digital assets under unnecessary counterparty risk

Institutional digital asset investors moving funds back and forth between centralised  exchanges, OTC trading venues or market makers can expose themselves to risks including security breaches, misappropriation of client funds and insolvency risk.

Zodia Interchange eliminates these risks by enabling clients to mirror assets and trade directly from the secure custody of Zodia’s trading wallets, keeping assets completely isolated and protected until trade settlement.


  • Off-venue settlement solution with customised wallet delegation control
  • Fully segregated, bank-grade cold trading wallets with 24/7 realtime availability
  • Trading capability across multiple trading venues to mirror holdings without moving assets
  • Instant settlement on receipt of a qualified instruction according to rules you set
  • Legal trust structure, protected against theft and fraud with multiple lines of defence
  • ​Institution-grade due-diligence on all trading venues

Zodia Interchange offers a secure and efficient off-venue settlement solution for institutional investors who want to experience the benefits of seamless trading without compromising the security of your digital assets.

Why choose Zodia Custody’s Interchange off-venue settlement network?

More venues

  • Zodia Interchange offers sophisticated digital asset investors more choice in trading venues, with off- venue support not just for centralised exchanges, but market makers and OTC desks.
  • All trading venues in our Interchange network have been through Zodia’s rigorous, bank-grade due-diligence process.

More secure

  • Trade without moving your digital assets, which remain your property under our secure custody, completely isolated and protected until trade settlement.
  • Operate with confidence knowing Zodia Custody prioritises compliance and adheres to stringent regulatory standards.

More efficient

  • Zodia Interchange eliminates the need to hold funds with multiple trading venues, so you can maximise capital efficiency and reduce network fees and ease administrative burden.
  • Settle quickly and seamlessly, executing trades at your convenience with Interchange's high-speed settlements.

Interchange Venue Partners

Access a more secure flow of liquidity across our growing network of trading venues

  • Centralised crypto exchanges
  • OTC desks
  • Market makers
  • Prime brokers

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Learn more about how Interchange can help take your trading to the next level.

Join Zodia Custody and leading trading experts to learn:

  • How Interchange works
  • Why offvenue settlement
  • How Interchange can benefit you
  • The future of offvenue settlement

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Level up your trading with more secure, more compliant, and more efficient off-venue settlement from Zodia Custody

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