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Zodia Custody announces appointment as AYU UK Custodian Partner

Zodia Custody announces appointment as AYU UK Custodian Partner

This partnership provides Zodia Custody access to AYU, a private members’ club that connects a global community of hedge funds, family offices, and alternative investment professionals.

“We are hugely excited to be partnering with Zodia Custody over the next year. As the world of digital asset investment continues to evolve at pace, custody remains as crucial as ever. The Zodia team have not only built a first-class offering, but they have done so on the most stable of banking foundations, foundations over a century old. This unique combination is exactly what is needed right now. It will affirm the confidence of professional investors in or entering the space. We look forward to welcoming the Zodia team into the AYU community.” said Gus Morison, CEO and Founder of AYU.

“AYU has established itself as an immensely valuable global forum for connecting hedge funds, asset managers, family offices and institutional allocators,” said Gerry Afentakis, Head of European and MENA Sales at Zodia Custody. “We are delighted to be named AYU’s digital asset custody partner and to be able to provide the AYU community with the option of gold-standard, bank-grade custody for their digital capital, with a best-in-class product suite to safely access every corner of the digital asset ecosystem.”

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